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peace university

Our purpose for this ministry is for the people of God to learn proper stewardship of His money (Ps 24:1).  Learn what the Bible has to say with practical steps to get out of debt (and stay out!), monthly budgeting (Prov 27:23), spending & saving wisely, planning for your future, giving, and more!  The Bible includes 100s of scriptures that talk about money yet there are still so many struggling to ‘make ends meet’ or not being good managers of God’s money (Prov 12:15). 

Whether you are struggling with living paycheck to paycheck (let’s take control!), having contentment (Prov 21:5, I Tim 6:10); you are financially successful yet wondering ‘what now?’ Financial Peace University is for you!  This course is designed for everyone from all walks of life, young and old, single, married, widowed, etc.  We use Dave Ramsey’s curriculum for this 9-week video-driven course.  

As financial stress is relieved in the home better relationships then follow.  The Church becomes unburdened and free to serve with abandon.  When we follow God’s plan (Prov 19:21) we have hope and learn to allow Him to carry our burdens for us.  He does not want us to live stressful lives nor does he want our families to suffer from our financial burdens.  Let’s change our family trees and set an example for others!

If you would like information regarding the dates and times of the next F.P.U. class here at Calvary Chapel of Apple Valley, please call the church office at (760) 240-3633 or talk to Jason and Tara Boice. For class registration information please click on the FPU link below.

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