What is BLOSSOM?  BLOSSOM is a very fruitful and rewarding ministry. Missionaries and supporting churches are both on tight budgets. When an unexpected expense arises for a missionary, like the need for new tires on their car or a replacement computer for their ministry , missionaries find themselves calling out to the Lord. The Lord can use BLOSSOM to answer that need.  BLOSSOM is a vehicle the Lord uses to allow gifts and talents given by the Lord to be used in simple ways to raise funds for Missionaries.  Some examples are:  handmade crafts, baking, meals after church, etc.

How Does It Work?  We have found success with a variety of creative events such as occasionally selling breakfast burritos on Sunday mornings, having an annual rummage sale, organizing a craft fair just before Christmas, bringing in professional hair stylists and giving haircuts for donations, the list goes on and on.

Start up and Operation:  BLOSSOM is a ministry that does not drain the church's budget. It actually augments that budget by being a source of additional funding for missionary work. We do not use BLOSSOM funds to provide monthly support, but rather to meet occasional or unexpected needs. Our BLOSSOM funds can be thought of as mad money (Missionary Assistance Donations) or like an emergency savings account. We operate under the auspices of our church and our funds are held in a special account outside of the church's budget. The tithes and offerings collected by the church are not used to fund BLOSSOM it is a self-sustaining ministry.

The BLOSSOM ministry should be led by a small, reliable group of missions-minded saints. They should have the freedom to manage the BLOSSOM fund independent of the church leadership, but always with full disclosure and accountability. By keeping in direct contact with missionaries supported by the church, BLOSSOM is able to encourage them, pray for them and know about the needs being faced. BLOSSOM is also able to help everyone be more involved in the work of missionaries.

Prayerful Assistance:  When BLOSSOM gets involved in a missionary's work it is usually to meet a one-time need rather than a monthly financial commitment. The leadership of BLOSSOM typically meets monthly to pray about needs that they are aware of, discuss new needs that have come to their attention, and disburse funds to meet the needs they have agreed to. BLOSSOM raises funds through several events held at the church during the year. There is no formula to follow; if someone has an idea for an event and it seems worthwhile, it may be attempted.

For any further information, please contact Brenda Arce or call the church office at (760) 240-3633.


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